How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee

Coffee has very low calorie content in itself. However, a cup of coffee containing other ingredients such as milk, sugar and flavourings offers a good amount of calories. Coffee is prepared in different ways with the use of various kinds of flavours. These flavoured coffees have a lot of calorie content so much so that these can give the entire day’s calorie content in just one cup.


One cup of plain coffee has just around 2 calories whereas flavoured coffees such as Caramel Latte and Coolatta available in the market may contain up to 1000 Calories in a cup. So, basically the calorie content in a cup of coffee differs based on the kind of coffee and the way it is prepared. For instance 8 oz of Brewed Coffee contains 2 calories, 8 oz of Brewed Decaf Coffee does not a contain any calorie content. However when cream is added to a similar quantity of Brewed Coffee its calorie content rises to 106 calories. 9 oz of Brewed Coffee with 2 table spoons of whole milk has around 20 calories where as the calorie content in 9 oz brewed coffee made with skim milk has only 12 calories. Similarly, 9 oz of Brewed Coffee with 2 tablespoons of plain powdered non dairy creamer contains 68 calories and an equal quantity of Brewed Coffee with plain liquid non-dairy creamer has around 42 calories.

Apart from the various kinds of Brewed Coffee there are other kinds of Coffees such as Instant Coffee which contains 4 calories in 8 oz. Then, there is Espresso Coffee which has 8 calories in 8 oz. 8 oz of Homemade Latte has 91 calories whereas an equal quantity available in the market has around 110 calories. 16 oz of Mocha contains 330 calories whereas an equal quantity of Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha has around 560 calories.

In order to avoid so many calories it is suggested to have your coffee plain without any flavours. Besides the small calorie content, a plain cup of coffee also contains some amount of Proteins, Vitamins and Omega 6 fatty acids.