How Many Calories to Maintain Weight

There are various calorie calculators available online that may provide you information related to the amount of calories you must intake in a day in order to keep your weight maintained as per your height. There are various factors that are taken into account while suggesting the calorie intake to a person; this includes a person’s age, height, current weight, gender, etc. Calorie calculator helps in managing a person’s weight since it shows as to how many calories should be consumed daily over a period of time in order to lose weight and how many to maintain it. It also keeps a record of the weight loss that has happened over a period of time.

If your weight is already intact and you do not have to bother about the details of losing it, if your aim is just to maintain your current weight then you may follow a few things. Firstly, all you require doing is eat the same amount of calories every day for a couple of weeks and also keep your daily activities consistent. Secondly, keep a check on your weight; weigh yourself at least once a week. It is suggested to take the weight in the morning when you are empty stomach. You will get to know how this technique is helping if you keep a constant check on your weight. In case the weight starts to increase or decrease you may make changes in the diet and activities accordingly.

Thus, there is no fixed amount of calorie intake that one must go for. It varies from person to person based on their present weight, height, the amount of exercise they indulge in each day, other activities done by them during the day, their lifestyle, their food habits, etc. However, in order to maintain weight the calorie content taken should be consistent. Also those having a tendency to gain weight very fast must consume lesser amount of calories.