Perfect Diet For Students During Exams (infographic)

Exam time is definitely one of the most stressful periods in a student’s life. At this stage in life, every student tends to get nervous and tries to concentrate only on studies and hard work. Thus during this period, food is often compromised and a healthy and nutritious diet takes a backseat for most students.

But in order to work hard, prepare well and study for long hours, one needs to keep in mind that good nutrition is really very important and must be given its due weightage in the sequence of things.  A student must therefore have a glass of milk and a fruit during the time of breakfast, rice and wheat chapattis at lunch time and eggs with dal and rice during dinner.

Water is a very important component of a student’s daily consumption as it keeps them well hydrated and energetic during the day so one must have plenty of water, especially during dinner time. Sugary cereals must be avoided on the day of the exams. Some other items which must be completely avoided are energy drinks, fatty bacon and sausages and hot chips. In order to improve energy to perform well in exams, a student must have porridge with raisins and fruits, whole meal toast with avocado and tomato and whole meal English muffin with an egg.

Diet for Students During Exams

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