Top 8 Fruits to Keep Heart Health Intact

When you realize you have heart problems like cholesterol or high blood pressure it is time to get a reality check and control what you eat. Without a doubt you must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

But the list of the fruits that are good for your body do not include the fruits that you enjoy most… like mangoes and pineapples. The following list is what you must consider in your diet to keep your heart healthy. But remember to have these fruits whole and avoid their juices.

Fruits to keep your heart healthy


applesAn apple a day, keeps a doctor away – and it is true. This fruit is rich in Flavonoids and this helps to reduce platelet adhesion in arteries and also reduces cholesterol. You can have various varieties of apples like Fuji, Mackintosh, Granny Smith and the red delicious ones.


apricotsThis fruit is rich in vitamins A, C, E and K and due to the abundance of carotenoids and fibers in them they keep your heart healthy and beating.


The abundance of Potassium and Magnesium in bananas makes them a good food to reduce blood pressure. Bananas also have a lot of Vitamin C and B6 and fibers. All in all a wholesome fruit.


Be it blue berries or strawberries, these fruits are nutritious and good to maintain blood sugar levels. Their juices account from the Vitamin C found in them and they can be had either fresh or frozen. The goodness of the fruit remains intact.


cantaloupesThis fruit belongs to the melon family and while watermelons are good for the skin and the water content, cantaloupes help the heart due to its Potassium content and vitamin A, C and B6. You can have this fruit when it is slightly chilled and it tastes all the more yummy.


Though it is technically a citrus fruit, oranges are rich in potassium, fibers and folates. It is not only a good source of minerals, but the outer white later curbs appetite for up to 4 hours thereby aiding in weight loss.


kiwiThe vitamin E present in kiwi fruits acts as an antioxidant and that reduces oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This helps the heart to beat better.


If your heart specialist has asked you to reduce homocysteine, then papaya is the correct fruit for you.

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