Top 17 Foods Highest in Calories (infographic)

Two units of energy make for one calorie. We often rate every food item by the number of calories that it has. It is a common fact that having more calories can lead to weight gain in people and often people with excess weight are asked to reduce their calorie intake. Each food has different number of calories and there are some food items which contain a lot of calories and prove to be harmful for those who are trying to lose weight. One example of a food which has the highest number of calories is peanut butter which contains 589 calories per 100 gram.

Even chocolate is said to be really high in the caloric content as it has got a total of 535 calories. Cheese is a big no no for those who are trying to shed some weight because it contains 353 calories in total and is one of the top foods which highest calories. Pasta is also high in calorie content and contains 158 calories in 100 grams. Some other food items which have a lot of calories in them are chocolate nut spread, salad dressing, whole wheat bread, nuts, olive oil, bacon, lard, beef, salmon and brown rice.

Foods Highest in Calories

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