What You Should Eat After Your Workout

Post workout nutrition is one of the most confusing diets because most people hesitate in putting on calories after a workout session which has just helped to reduce a few.  It is true that workout session is very important especially for those who are trying to lose weight or gain body mass but post workout session meal is also very important and determines how successful you have been with your workout.

Infact what you eat after your workout must be given a lot of thought to and one must remain careful about this particular meal. If you are confused, then the following given part of the article will prove to be very useful for you:

What you should Eat After your Workout


One of the most important nutrients that you must supply your body with after a rigorous workout session is carbohydrates. When one exercise or works out, the protein and glycogen present in the muscles tends to break down. To make up for the loss of this glycogen, carbohydrates are very important.

What carbs do is that they stimulate the release of insulin which is responsible for sending the nutrients in the muscle cells of a person’s body. Yes it’s true that carbs can prove to be bad for a person who is conscious about fitness about what is worse is the absence of these carbohydrates.


Another important nutrient which is ideal for a post workout meal plan or diet is proteins. What proteins do is that they help the body in recovering of the muscles after a strenuous session of exercising or workout.

Some foods which you can consume after a workout session are eggs, tuna and chicken. All these items are rich sources of protein and can really encourage the recovery of muscles. But on the other hand, protein shakes work much better as protein rich sources because as compared to eggs and chicken, these shakes get absorbed by the body quickly and are thus digested properly.

Some Meals Suggestions for the Post Workout Session

Some food items which you can try to eat after an exercising session are hummus with pita bread and nuts and dried fruits.  Nuts and dried fruits are great for those who do not have the time to make a proper meal after the session and need quick eating ideas. On the other hand, hummus is a great substitute for meat and is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates both.