How Many Calories for Weight Lifting

The number of calories to be consumed in a day depends to a great extent on the kind of physical activities you are involved in during the day. A person who has a sitting job should consume lesser calories; the one who is involved in certain physical activities for some part of the day should have comparatively higher calories and the one who is involved in physical activities all through the day should consume even more number of calories as most of the calories we consume during the day are burnt in physical activities. The calorie consumption also differs based on whether a person is involved in light physical activities or heavy ones.

The number of calories to be consumed by weight lifters is way too high then suggested for an average person. An average weight lifter is required to consume around 7,000 calories a day. A person indulging in weight lighting activity gets a metabolic spike and this lasts for almost one hour after working out. During this one hour also the body continues to lose calories even though your weight lifting session is complete and is in a relaxing mode. It is also interesting to know that muscles utilize a lot of energy for maintaining themselves and the body will lose 120 calories extra for every 3 pounds of muscles that it builds. Thus, a lot of calories are burnt by weight lifting; during the process and after it.

Weight lifting is a great way of burning the extra calories and people planning to undergo a weight loss program or shed calories and fats are suggested to consider weight lifting seriously. However, it is essential to consult a fitness trainer before trying this as you should not overdo weight lifting. Overdoing it may result in excessive calorie loss which is not good for health.