How Many Calories are in Strawberries

The calorie content in a strawberry differs based in its size. A small sized strawberry has 2 calories, a medium sized strawberry has 4 calories, a large sized strawberry has 6 calories, an even larger sized strawberry has 9 calories, a cup of thinly sliced strawberries has 53 calories, a cup of whole strawberries has 46 calories and a cup of strawberries cut into two pieces has 49 calories.

Strawberries Calories

Strawberries are good in taste and also have a number of micronutrients that are good for health. A 10 grams Strawberry has 3 calories out of which 0.33 calories come from fats. Total amount of fat in a strawberry is 0.037 grams out of which 0.002 grams are Saturated Fats, 0.019 grams are Polyunsaturated Fats and 0.0052 grams are Monounsaturated fats. The Sodium content in a strawberry is 0.1 mg, potassium is 16,6 mg, Carbohydrate is 0.7 grams, Dietary Fiber 0.23 grams, Proteins 0.061 grams. There is no Cholesterol or Alcohol content in this fruit. The Vitamin content in a strawberry is 9%. Strawberries are a rich source of Vitamin C; one cup of strawberries has as much as 149% Vitamin C. It has 2% of calcium and 3% iron content.

Strawberries are used in various deserts such as puddings, cakes, pastries and even ice creams. Some of these include small pieces of strawberries while others just use the strawberry essence to get the delicious flavor of strawberry. You may also have strawberry juice. The above mentioned calorie content is that of a raw strawberry. In case you have strawberry as a part of these preparations which most people prefer to the calorie content is likely to go very high. This is because these preparations have a lot of cream, sugar and other high calorie ingredients. The various flavors used in these also add up to the calorie content.