How Many Calories for Twin Pregnancy

The food requirements of a women change as she gets pregnant. A pregnant woman is required to consume food that is full of nutritional value as she is not just consuming food for herself but also for the all round development of the baby who is growing inside her. The consumption of nutrients such as iron, calcium, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and dietary fibre should be increased during this period. The body also requires more calorie intake at this time. A woman who is pregnant with twins requires even more calories and nutrients.

It is very essential to keep a check on the calorie intake and the consumption of various other nutrients as well. A woman who is pregnant with twins is required to take 600 more calories a day than their actual diet. It is essential to take around 2700 calories a day during this period. It is suggested to take a number of short meals all through the day rather than stuffing oneself at the breakfast or lunch time. The 2700 calories that are suggested to be consumed in one day should be spread evenly over the various short meals that a woman with twin pregnancy has. The number of calories may differ a bit based on a woman’s age, weight, height and the amount and kind of work she does during a day. However, the count is more or less the same as the one mentioned above.

Apart from the calorie intake, such a woman should also consume protein rich diet. It is suggested to include, eggs, fish, milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, peanuts and other protein rich items in your diet. Many gynaecologists suggest getting the iron, calcium and protein levels checked at regular intervals during pregnancy. This helps in understanding whether the woman is taking a rich and balanced diet or not.