How many calories for a woman

The number of calories to be consumed by women differs from the calorie requirement of men. There are various factors that determine the exact amount of calories that a woman should have; these include a woman’s age, height, weight, number of hours she works during a day and the kind of activities she indulges in. However, whatever is the age, height, weight or activity level the calorie consumption of a woman should not go below 1600 or above 2400 calories per day.

It is said that calorie requirement of an adult woman is comparatively less. As the women age their body requires lesser number of calories to perform various functions. While women from the age 19 to 30 years may require at least 2000 calories as their age crosses 30 years their body requires only 1800 calories and after 50 years they can stay fit even on consuming as less as 1600 calories. However, the calories required by a woman differ based on a woman’s activity levels. A woman who is more active requires greater number of calories has most of her calories are burnt in the physical activities she is involved in.

A 27 year old woman who is moderately active is required to consume 2200 calories a day and a woman who is 34 years old and very active may also consume the same amount of calories. A very active woman aged 27 years may consume even 2400 calories a day to fulfil the caloric needs of the body. As stated above the calorie intake also depends upon a woman’s weight. Heavily built women require more calories in order to perform various body functions. For instance a woman weighing 150 pounds and having a height of 5 feet 10 inches would require 2100 calories even at the age of 40 while a moderately built woman requires lesser calories.