Tips for Eating Healthy Chinese Food

Chinese food is one of the most loved cuisines around the world and can be found at several restaurants. Chinese cuisine consists of a large variety of soups, salads, appetizers, snacks and main course meals. But not Chinese meals are healthy to eat and some might contain way too many calories and spices in them. If you are a Chinese food lover, then the following tips would help you to eat healthy Chinese food:

  • Make it a point to order or eat those Chinese food items which contain a lot of vegetables in them since vegetables are good for health and when eaten together in a decent quantity can prove to be pretty healthy. One example of such a Chinese food item is chop suey with steamed rice.
  • Many Chinese meals are made by using duck in them. So whenever it is possible for you, try and substitute chicken instead of duck in your meals. If you are at a restaurant, then ask the waiter whether this substitution can be made.
  • A lot of Chinese food items come along with a side order or crispy fried noodles. They might seem really tempting and interesting to eat, especially between the different courses of meals but try and avoid eating them.
  • Many food items in the Chinese cuisine use a lot of oil while preparation and one example of this is stir fry vegetables. If possible, as the cook to use as little oil as possible as it may contain a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Also ask the cook to not use soy sauce, salt and even MSG while preparing your Chinese dish.
  • Eat steamed rice in place of fried rice whenever it is possible and substitute lobster sauce for sweet and sour sauce, oyster bean sauce for plum sauce.
  • Another important thing that you can keep in mind before starting to order or eat your Chinese meal is that you must always replace dishes with cashews and peanuts with water chestnuts. This tip shall be even more useful for those who are overweight and do not wish to gain extra kilos.
  • ¬†Always try and substitute dishes that contain fried meat with those dishes that are high on the vegetable content.
  • Instead of eating fried wontons or egg rolls, try and eat steamed dumplings so as to consume less of fried stuff.

Thus by following the above given tips, you can enjoy your Chinese food and that too in a healthy manner.