How Many Calories in Deli Chicken

Deli chicken is one of the most loved and relished chicken dish which is enjoyed by many. Deli chicken has got several health benefits associated with it but sometimes, it may also not be that beneficial for the health. The number of calories in deli chicken depends upon the style of its preparation. There are many restaurants and chicken outlets that prepare deli chicken. If you want to find out more about deli chicken and the content of the calories, then you can read the following given paragraphs.

Quorn prepares yummy deli chicken which will make anyone fall in love with chicken. 1 serving which is about 100 grams of deli chicken contains about 107 calories in it out of which 4% of the calories come from total fat, 4% come from saturated fat, 21% come from sodium, 2% come from carbohydrates and the rest of the 24% calories come from dietary fiber. Infact deli chicken made by Quorn also contains a lot of protein.

Calories in Deli Chicken

Hillshire farm is known to make ultra thin sliced deli chicken which is pretty yummy. 2 ounces that is about 56 grams contains about 50 calories. Out of these 50 calories, 29% are contributed by sodium, 10% are contributed by cholesterol and 1% each from total fat and total carbohydrates. The iron content is 4% in the 50 calories of Hillshire farm deli chicken.

Asda is another outlet that makes delicious deli chicken. 1 serving of this chicken which is about 100 calories contains about 131 calories. The 6% of these calories comes from dietary fiber, 2% comes from total fat, 2% comes from saturated fat and 1% comes from total carbohydrates. There is low sugar in Asda deli chicken which is a good point in addition to the fact that the protein content too is quite high.