Enjoy Football with Best Set of Foodies

Yummy and tasty food forms the most exciting part of any party. Some crispy and crunchy starters, a delicious main course with a cool and juicy drink and a creamy delightful desert make for a perfect menu to your football parties.

To make your football parties especially fun and healthy, here are some good ideas. You can set a football theme for your party. You can decorate your garden with footballs.

Likewise you can also customize your cutlery by serving food in round, football background plates, and using glasses of mostly red and green color, and circular cups. You could also divide your guests into various football teams and serve them in a colour -coded format.

football with best set of foodies

Food items apt for Football Parties

  • Bacon & Cheese Potato Nachos are a perfect dish for your party as they contain round potato chips which suit your theme and the juicy and yummy cheese which makes very guest of yours say “Mmmmm”!
  • Corn Cake Stacks with Aged Cheddar and Arugula is a sweet dish which can be made extremely healthy by serving with green salad.
  • Wooo Pig Sooie Ham Stuffed Biscuits with Mustard Butter is sliced baked ham stuffed between soft biscuits and mustard butter. It is a simple and tasty dish.
  • War Eagle Lemonade this drink is a combination of sugar, vanilla bean, and rosemary sprigs which create a perfect soothing flavor. It has a sweet tangy taste and is perfect for your sportive party.
  • Popcorn make the household normal microwave popcorn more creative by making them on the stove and using a variety of flavors to make it more delicious. It is a quick and easy appetizer.
  • Kielbasa Puffs is pastry puff everyone will love. It is a quick and easy to make dish.
  • Layered Picnic Salad this salad usually has something for everyone with all its different components of sweet, salty, crunchy and creamy. It is healthy and filled with vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • Chocolate Caramel Potato Chips Potato chips brushed with melted caramel, dipped in chocolate, and then sprinkled over with healthy toffee pieces. Not only does this combination totally work but you also get your vegetables in!
  • Charleston Cheese Dip take Cream cheese, monterey jack, cayenne pepper, green onions, crushed ritz crackers, sharp cheddar bacon and bake them all in an over and then serve them while they are warm.
  • Veggie Cake just freshly cut vegetables and dip in a pretty divided serving tray- you can create such a fun option for your guests and also make healthier food choices at the same time.

Photo Credit By: e3lan.biz