5 Major Health Benefits of Japanese Diet

Japanese food items are believed to be based upon the principle of longevity and health. They say that Japanese food is not just eaten for its taste but also for taking in the benefits of its and seeing their results on your health.  Japanese people are popular for leading long and healthy lives and the secret behind this is definitely the Japanese diet.  The following are the 5 major health secrets or health benefits of Japanese diet.Let’s have a look at them.

1. Loaded with Protein

Loaded with Protein

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Japanese people eat a lot of fish rather than eating red meat. Fish is a source of protein which is an essential nutrient for our bodies.  Infact, fish is the staple food for the Japanese and they eat fish in all forms-raw, fried, poached, baked and grilled. Thus the first health benefit of Japanese diet is that it contains a lot of protein.

2. Includes Soy

Includes Soy

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Japanese people are also known to eat a lot of soy. Soy is present in a lot of their meals and is included in the menu of all restaurants and that too generously.  Soy is great for the health because it too contains a lot of proteins and protects the body against blood pressure and heart disease. Just like soy, tofu is also a popular choice for most of the people and they include it in many of their dishes like sauces, soups, main course, starters etc.

3. Buckwheat Flour Presence

Buckwheat Flour Presence

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Japanese loves their noodles and they prefer having those noodles which are high on buckwheat flour.  This buckwheat flour is again very advantageous for the health because it has very little starch and is low on carbs.  What buckwheat flour does is that it makes you feel full faster and thus avoids overeating.

4. Smaller Portions

Japanese always prefer small portions of meals because they do not believe in overeating. This is another health benefit of Japanese diet.  Infact, the meal size of a typical Japanese meal is almost half the size of a Western meal.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea1

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Japanese people always include green tea as a regular part of their daily diets.  Green tea is very beneficial for the health as it contains high quantities of antioxidants which help in fighting off diseases.  Green tea also breaks away the oil from our digestive systems and improves immunity.  Most Japanese individuals prefer having 2-3 cups of green tea everyday.