How Many Calories in Pinto Beans

Pinto beans is known to be a low calorie vegetable which offers various other micronutrients to keep the body healthy. The calorie content in Pinto Beans varies based on whether it is in raw form or in its cooked form. The calories also vary based on the method used to cook these beans and the oil, spices and other ingredients used in the preparation of these beans. Not just the calorie count but also the overall nutritional value of Pinto Beans differs based on the above mentioned factors.

One serving of raw Pinto beans has around 347 calories. It also contains some amount of proteins, fat, fiber and sugar content. Raw Pinto beans also offer certain Vitamins and Minerals which are essential for the human body. One cup of raw Pinto beans weighing around 193 grams contains approximately 670 calories out of which only 21 calories come from fat. The total fat content in an equal serving of raw Pinto beans contains 2.37 grams of fat out of which 0.45 gram is saturated fat. It has a total carbohydrate content of 120 grams, protein content of 41 grams, calcium content of 218 mg, iron content 9.7 mg, sodium content in it is 23.16 mg and potassium content is 2688.4 mg.

Pinto Beans Calories

One tablespoon of raw Pinto beans which weighs around 12 grams contains 42 calories out of which just 1 calorie comes from fat. The total fat content in an equal serving of Pinto beans is 0.15 gram out of which saturated fat content is 0.03 grams.

As mentioned above, the calorie content in cooked Pinto beans is different from that in its raw form. Half a cup of cooked Pinto beans has around 122 calories out of which only five calories come from fat. Cooked Pinto beans also contain other micronutrients such as proteins, fiber and different vitamins.