How Many Calories Equal a Pound

Around 3500 calories are equivalent to one pound. It is mostly seen that people undergoing dieting plans stop the intake of around 1000 calories a day, trying to decrease around 2 pounds of fats from their body every week (1000*7 = 7000 calories which is equivalent to 2 pounds). If you are able to decrease this much amount of body fat in a week it would be great however, it is essential to watch out that you do not run short on your daily calorie intake. You must take at least the required 1,250 calories per day, consuming lesser calories than this may affect your body’s system to a great extent. It is in fact recommended to consult your doctor before making any such major changes in your diet.

In case you do not require losing a lot of fat then it is suggested to decrease your daily intake of calories only by 500 calories. This way you would be loosing around 1 pound of fat every week (500*7 = 3500 calories which is equivalent to one pound). While you try to lose that extra fat with lower consumption of calories it is important not to neglect other nutritional food that is required by your body.

It is essential to consume the right amount of calcium, iron, proteins vitamins, dietary fibre and other nutrients for your body to function properly. Lowering their intake may cause various kinds of ailments, especially in kids. In case you feel that your kid is overweight and requires shedding some fat, you must visit his paediatrician before taking decision about making any changes in his diet else it may cause some deficiency in your kid. Same goes for adults too, they must also consult their doctor and get a proper diet plan made rather than making any dietary changes on their own.