How Many Calories Lose from Running

Running is a good exercise and helps in shedding the extra calories that one puts on. Those fond of eating are especially recommended to run for at least 30 minutes a day so that they are able to burn the excess calories gained by consuming various kinds of food. Running is easy; it does not involve any equipment or have any other special requirement like other activities such as weight lifting, basket ball, volleyball foot ball, swimming, cycling, etc that people indulge in to shed calories or lose weight. It is a simple activity that does not require any special sports equipment or being at any special place; you may start running in your lawn, street or anywhere to burn those extra calories.

Some people also prefer running on the treadmill to keep a check on the number of calories they have burned. You may also keep a track of the calories burned with the help of a device if you are running otherwise; most people who run for burning calories or losing weight keep this device with them. The number of calories burnt depends on a number of factors including a person’s gender, weight, age, the amount of time spent in running, distance covered and running speed.

For instance, a 130 pound woman running 3 miles per hour, which means she covers one mile in 20 minutes, burns 66 calories in the first 20 minutes, 99 calories in 30 minutes, 149 calories in 45 minutes and 199 calories in an hour. If a woman weighing the same runs 4 miles per hour that is, one mile in 15 minutes then he is likely to burn 81 calories in 20 minutes, 122 calories in 30 minutes, 182 calories in 45 minutes and 243 calories in an hour. Thus, the calories burnt differ to a great extent on a person’s speed.