How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

Swimming is a great way to burn calories. A man weighing around 150 pounds can burn almost around 270 calories by swimming for 30 minutes and covering 1500 yards. Different styles of swimming help in burning different number of calories. The number of calories burnt through swimming can vary to a great extent depending upon his swimming style. A person having the same amount of weight swimming in butterfly style for 1500 yards can burn almost 38 percent more calories. A person doing breast stroke can burn 25 percent more. However, a person who does backstroke is able to burn 12% less calories.

The number of calories burnt also depends upon a person’s weight and of course the amount of time he spends swimming. For instance a person weighing 120 pounds burns just 218 calories while covering 1500 yards in the same swimming style. The number of calories burnt when he swims in butterfly style, using back stroke or breast stroke will also differ accordingly. There are other factors as well that determine the number of calories burnt via swimming. These include the efforts put in, the speed, skill and gender. It is seen that most swimmers prefer swimming in different strokes and in such a scenario the number of calories burnt differ depending upon the various styles/ strokes used.

If you are aiming to burn more calories it is suggested to swim faster; the faster you swim the more number of calories you are likely to burn. Take the earlier example, if the same person is able to swim another length in the same 30 minutes, he/she would be able to burn more calories. Thus, the faster you are the more calories you burn. The number of calories burnt by swimming is a lot more than other sports activities. Thus, a person going for swimming on a regular basis should consume a good amount of calories.