Learn the Top Secrets to make a Healthy and Tasty Salad

While tasting a salad plate, it might seem a very simple dish that needs no effort to be made; but the truth is that it equally needs steps of preparation, tossing and garnishing. Salad making is an art and all over the world many exhibitions are held displaying exclusive salads.

While making a healthy and tasty salad, 3 essential steps are involved – preparing the ingredients, tossing the salad and the final one is dressing. There are little tips and tricks that can help you to make “chef-like” salads at home. Read on to know more about professional salad making –

healthy and tasty salad

  • When you are using lettuce for your salad, make sure to get it super dry before you start as this ensures that dressing will stick to it at its best. Take help of a paper towel to do this task.
  • If lettuce is not your choice, you can use shredded carrots, quinoa or faro base for your salad.
  • Go unconventional and use seeds, nuts, roasted veggies and other unique and tasty ingredients for toppings. Tomatoes and cucumbers are definitely not the only ones!
  • Herbs can create magic to your salad. Add some fresh herbs to the ingredients or drizzle few drops of lime or lemon on top. Spices like cracked pepper, or even better Sriracha gives a kick to the dish.
  • Make your salad creamy to give a filling pleasure. Avocado, goat cheese mixed with nuts or croutons for a crunchy taste is a really unique combo for salads!
  • If non-vegetarian is the call of the day- use unseasoned baked chicken or shredded rotisserie chicken. Make sure to marinate your meat first with different local flavours. Grilled chicken is also a good choice if you prefer charred flavor.
  • For thickened flavour mix in the fat-free Greek yogurt and enjoy the creamy salad without adding too much of calories.
  • If your base for salad is green, then choose your veggies carefully and check if they are fresh. Tired and limp veggies can never be a good thing for your salad!
  • Mix your veggies with contrast; for instance mix the sweeter ones with strong ones. Some ideal mixes are radicchio, frisee, escarole and Belgian endive that have a bitter taste with mizuna, watercress, arugula, tatsoi, and mizuna that have peppery tones. You can sometimes choose the sweet lettuces like oakleaf, bibb, mache and romaine.

To make a great salad the basic secret is to know the right balances. Too creamy, or tough chewing, colourful or bland – any extreme is not acceptable. The right ingredients, base, dressing and texture gives a yummy salad for the table!