How Many Calories in Tomatillo Soup

A tomatillo soup is a kind of a Mexican style chicken soup which has been made by using tomatillos and chicken breast meat together which are cooked in stock. There are many companies which manufacture tomatillo soup mix and several restaurants too serve this appetizer. The number of calories present in tomatillo soup depends upon the quantity of the ingredients which have been used to make it. You can refer to the following given information if you wish to know more about the nutritional aspect and caloric content of this soup.

Calories in Tomatillo Soup

Chicken tomatillo soup is one of the most popular and famous types of tomatillo soup and is served at various restaurants. 1 serving of this soup contains a total of about 270 calories. Out of these 270 calories, 2.8 gram come from total fat, 0.7 g come from saturated fat, 69.1 mg come from cholesterol, 476 mg comes from the amount of sodium present, 950.8 g come from the quantity of potassium present, 24.9 g comes from total carbohydrates and 5 gram comes from the dietary fiber content. There is also 36.3 g of protein present is this particular variety of the soup apart from 2.1 grams of sugar content. Some good points about tomatillo soup consisting of chicken are that it is high on the vitamin B6 content, Niacin content, very high on vitamin C content and has got a lot of phosphorus as well. But on the other hand, there is loads of sugar present in this soup which is a negative point about it.

One bowl of chicken tomatillo soup contains about 272 calories of which 72% is protein, 19% is sodium, 8% is carbohydrates and 4% is total fat. The large amount of protein is a good thing but the generous amount of sodium doesn’t seem to be a good point.