How many Calories in Pear Juice

The juice that has been made by using pears is called pear juice. Pear juice is loved by many pear fruit lovers and has got a lot of health benefits as well. Pear juice can be found in sealed cans as well as in fresh form at restaurants or juice sellers. Infact one can also make pear juice easily at home. The number of calories present in pear juice may depend upon the ingredients used to make it. If you wish to find out the exact amount of calories in pear juice then please read the following given article:

calories in Pear Juice

Wal-Mart is one of the world famous companies that is known to manufacture canned pear juice.  1 serving that is equivalent to 200 grams of Wal-Mart pear juice contains 140 calories out of which 2% comes from sodium while 11% is also contributed by the total carbohydrates. The vitamin C content in this juice is very high and this is a very good thing about it but large sugar content makes for a negative points.

Earth’s best is another brand that is known to sell many different flavored juices one of which is pear juice. 1 jar which is equivalent to 118 grams of this juice has got 70 calories and on the nutrition chart, it has been allotted a B grade. The very high amount of vitamin C can be considered as a good point about Earth’s best pear juice but high amount of sugar is the negative point that balances the positive one.

Gerber products pear juice is also quite yummy to taste and 1 serving of this juice contains about 60 calories.  There is 5% carbohydrate content in this calorie count. The sodium content of this juice is pretty low and this can be considered as a good thing.