Some of the Dangers Associated with the Consumption of Fruit Juices

You must have heard that everyone must have fruit juices as they prove useful for the health and have many other benefits but is there a flipside to this concept and belief? Well there is no denying of the fact that fruit juices are good for the health but there is also another side to this story.

Many research works and observations have found out that there can be many dangers associated with the consumption of fruit juices as well. Just like sugary drinks like colas, fizzy drinks and others, fruit juices contain a lot of sugar which must be removed from the diets of many, as suggested by certain health experts.

dangers associated with the consumption of fruit juices

The following are some of the dangers which are associated with having fruit juices:

  • A typical glass of a fruit juice contains around 13 g of sugar whereas some may have even more quantities and this amount is pretty huge when clubbed with the other sugary foods that we have in one day.
  • The current recommendation of added sugar is about 10% of the calories which is about 70g of sugar per day for men and about 50 grams for women per day. But on having a glass of fruit juice everyday, the amount can easily be surpassed considering the many other foods containing sweet we have every day.
  • It is said that fresh fruits are more beneficial as compared to fruit juices because they have more fiber, less sugar and thus more health advantages.
  • Moreover, fruits also tend to fill us up more the fruit juices can and may reduce our tendency to snack on other high sugar products.
  • High sugar foods such as fruit juices can cause a lot of problems such as tooth decay, heart diseases and most of all –diabetes.
  • Having fruit juices on a regular basis can also lead to obesity due to the high sugar quantities or amount. Obesity further is a cause of many other health issues like heart problems and high BP.
  • Four sugar drinks per week can also be responsible for raising the risk of breast cancer and this is another health danger which is associated with the consumption of fruit juices.
  • Many health organizations suggest that fruit juices must be replaced with water from the diet of all children, especially those who already have tooth decay or cavity problems.