How many Calories in Doughnut

Doughnuts which are popularly known as ‘Donuts’ are a pretty popular snack item almost all across the world and are available in many different flavors. Doughnuts are quite commonly available in many bakery shops and restaurants and can also be made at home if one gets the recipe correct. Doughnuts are rings which can be either filled with chocolate or are without it. If you wish to find out about the number of calories that are present in a doughnut, then you might find the following information very useful:

Calories in Doughnut

Plain sugar or glazed doughnuts are one of the most popular and commonly sold doughnuts. 1 medium sized glazed doughnut contains as many as 192 calories and has been given a C- grade as far as its nutritional value is concerned. These 192 calories in a medium sized glazed doughnut are composed of 16% total fat, 13% saturated fat, 5% cholesterol, 8% sodium, 8% carbohydrates and 3% dietary fiber. Glazed doughnuts do not contain any sugar and this is a really good point about them.

Mrs. Freshley’s doughnuts are also really popular and tasty. 1 frosted doughnut made by this brand contains 380 calories out of which 31% comes from total fat, 45% comes from saturated fat, 10% comes from sodium, 16% comes from total carbohydrates and 4% comes from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade which has been given to this doughnut based on its nutritional value is D which may be due to the fact that there is a lot of sugar in it and the amount of saturated content is also very high. The fact that there is no cholesterol is the only good point about Mrs. Freshley’s frosted doughnut. The calcium content in these doughnuts is 15% whereas iron content is 8% and these two points can also be considered slightly good.