How Many Calories in Roasted ChestNuts

Chestnuts are a variety of nuts that can be consumed in many forms and are best when roasted. Roasted chestnuts are manufactured by a lot of companies and packaged food producing brands. Have you ever wondered how many calories are present in roasted chestnuts? Do you whether or not there are any health benefits associated with roasted chestnuts? If not and you are interested in finding out then please go through the following given information about roasted chestnuts:

Calories in Roasted ChestNuts

1 cup of roasted chestnuts that weigh about 143 grams contain 350 calories of which 5% come from total fat, 3% come from saturated fat, 25% are contributed by total carbohydrates and 29% come from dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade given to roasted chestnuts is A and the various good points associated with them include that they have low saturated fat content, they have no cholesterol, there is low amount of sodium content, they are high on manganese content and there is a lot of vitamin C content in them as well. But the only negative thing about these roasted chestnuts is that they have a lot of sugar present in them.

Gefen is a company known to manufacture chestnuts. One variety of Gefen chestnuts is the roasted chestnuts. ΒΌ cup or 37.5 grams of roasted chestnuts contain 52 calories. Out of these 52 calories, 1% come from total fat, 4% come from total carbohydrates and 2% come from dietary fiber. As far as the nutritional value of Gefen roasted chestnuts is concerned, they have been given A- grade. Some good points about Gefen roasted chestnuts are that they have no saturated fat, there is no cholesterol content in them, sodium quantity is very low and the vitamin C content is quite high as well. High sugar amount is one of the negative points about these chestnuts.