How Many Calories in Oriental Salad

Oriental salad is a Chinese form of a salad which is popular all across the world. This kind of a salad can be made by a lot of recipes and depending upon its composition, the calorie content may vary. Oriental salad is available at most Chinese restaurants and is not very difficult to make at home as well.  The following information will give you a clear idea about the caloric value and nutritional content of oriental salad.

Calories in Oriental Salad

Dunkin Donuts is a brand name which makes delicious oriental salad 14 oz of which contains about 580 calories in total. The nutritional grade which has been given to this particular salad is C+. Out of the 580 calories, 54% of the calories come from total fat, content, 25% of the calories come from saturated fat content, 15% of the calories come from cholesterol content, 63% of the calories come from sodium content, 13% come from total carbohydrates and 16% are contributed by dietary fiber. This particular salad has got a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin A content and this is a good thing about this salad. But the high amount of sodium which is present in this oriental salad is a negative point about it.

Bento Nouveau is another company which makes oriental chicken salad. 1 serving of this salad has got a total of 140 calories out of which 8% come from total fat, 17% come from cholesterol content, 3% come from sodium content, 2%  come from total carbohydrates and 8% are contributed by dietary fiber content. This salad has got very little amount of sodium and high quantities of vitamin A and vitamin C. These are some of the good things about this salad but high cholesterol makes it unhealthy is a point which can be counted as its negative point.