How Many Calories in Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is a variation of chicken where the fruit orange is used in the preparations. There are a variety of recipes that make use of chicken and orange, which may use varied ingredients and varied preparation procedures. The calorie content of the chicken prepared by different recipes differs. A description of the calories count chicken by some producers is given here.

The orange flavoured chicken by the Panda Express has a total of 500 calories per serving, serving size being 5 ½ oz or 154.0 g. The calories from fat are 243; while the total fat content is 27.0g about 5.5 g of it is saturated fat. The cholesterol content in the chicken serving is 100mg, the sodium content is 810mg and the proteins are 23.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 42.0g of which 3.0g is dietary fibres and 14.0g is sugars. The high amounts of sugars act are a negative point.

Calories in Orange Chicken

A single serving i.e. 1 spoon or 99.0g of the orange chicken by Country Buffet has about 240 calories in total. The fat content is 11.0g of which 2.5g is saturated fat; the calories contributed by this fat content are 99 calories. The sodium content in the chicken is 510mg, cholesterol is 45mg, total carbohydrates are 24.0g and the protein content is 10.0 g.

The mandarin orange chicken provided by the Tender Joe’s has been given a D+ grade. The total calories in 1 cup or 140.0 g of the chicken are 320, while those from the fat content are 144 calories. The total fat content is 160g with 3.5 g of it being saturated fats. The cholesterol content in the serving is 95mg, the sodium content is 330mg and the protein content is 21.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 24.0g with 1.0g of it being dietary fibres and 6.0g being sugars. The chicken is also high in iron content which is a positive point.