How Many Calories in Corn Nuts

Corn nuts are a famous snack item that falls into the category of corn and tortilla chips. Corn nuts are great to eat with drinks and can also be relished otherwise. A lot of companies manufacture and sell corn nuts in different packages and packets and each corn nut variant has different amount of calories in it. If you are someone who loves to eat corn nuts and wants to find out the number of calories that it contains then you can refer to the following part of this article:

Valued naturals are a company which produces corn nuts and sells them in sealed packages.28 grams of corn nuts contain 130 calories. This product has been given a D+ grade and the calorie content is composed of 4% dietary fiber, 7% carbohydrates, 6% total fats and 3% saturated fat. The good points about Valued naturals corn nuts are that they are low on the saturated fat, have no cholesterol, and have no sugar.

Calories in Corn Nuts

Its delish corn nuts are also quite famous and popular among corn nut lovers. 0.33 cup of these corn nuts contain 130 calories out of which 6% total fat, 5% saturated fat, 8% dietary fiber, 2% total carbohydrates and 1% sodium. Some of the good points associated with these corn nuts are no cholesterol, very low in sodium content and low sugar content. These corn nuts have been given C grade.

International food source corn nuts are quite tasty in nature and ½ cup of these corn nuts contain 130 calories. Out of these corn nuts, 6% come from total fat, 3% come from saturated fat, 7 % come from sodium and 7% come from cholesterol. The positive points about these corn nuts are that they have no cholesterol, no sugar and have very low amount of saturated fat.