How Many Calories in Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup, also known as Tom Yum Koong is of Laos and Thai origin. It is a clear spicy and sour soup and is known for its distinct sour and hot flavors. Fragrant herbs are generously used in the soup to give it its exotic aroma and taste. The broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, lemongrass, fish sauce, crushed chili peppers and galangal roots. It is usually served with shrimps.

Calories in Tom Yum Soup

One cup serving of this soup is usually 140 grams by weight. The calorie content of this amount is around 140.5 calories of a serving of an 8 oz ladle. Total Fat content is 9 g out of which 5 g is saturated fat; 1 g is polysaturated fat and 0g of monosaturated fat. Sodium is around 270mg, Potassium is 190mg and the total carbohydrate content is of 11g. The total dietary fiber content is 2g. Sugar present is 4g and protein content is also 4g.  It has 32% Vitamin C and 21% Vitamin A. It has 7% each of Calcium and Iron. Tom Yum soup provides 41 percent of your daily value requirement is one serving. 85.5 mg of magnesium can be derived from this amount of soup, which is 3 percent of daily value; 65 percent sodium of daily requirement is also got from this quantity of tom yum soup.

This soup comes in many variations and thus the calorie count also varies according to its ingredients. There seems to be little consensus to the content of the basic broth. Some use only water and herbs others add coconut milk to enhance its flavor and make it richer and smoother. This soup has immune boosting qualities and it is also believed to contain some strong cancer fighting ingredients as well. The ingredients used in the Tom Yum Soup is said to be a 100 times more effective in prohibiting cancerous tumor growth than any other food. It also has a natural remedy for curing coughs and cold and flu viruses.