How Many Calories in Israeli Salad

Israeli salad is a kind of a salad which is chopped and made out of tomato and cucumber. This salad is one of the most popular dishes of Israel and also often contains onions, parsley and red or green peppers. The dressing used for this salad is of black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Israeli salad can be very easily made at home and is also available in canned form at many stores etc.  Infact many restaurants have this dish on their menu as well. The following given part of the article will tell you about the number of calories present in an Israeli salad.

Calories in Israeli Salad

An Israeli salad containing cucumber green chilies, garlic, parsley, amaranth leaves, olive oil and salted butter is a common recipe of this salad and the quantity of that serves 5 people contains about 271 calories. Out of these 271 calories, 22.3 grams come from fat content, 18.4 grams comes from carbohydrate content whereas 3.7 gram comes from protein content. The overall score given to this salad is moderate. The absence of sodium and saturated fat in this Israeli salad variant is a really good thing about it and thus it can be considered healthy to eat.

An Israeli salad which measures 0.75 of a cup contains 75 calories in total and out of this calorie amount, 3% comes from the total fat content, 2% is contributed by the total carbohydrate content, 48.4% Comes from fat and 51.6% comes from carbohydrates. There is no amount of saturated fat in this particular salad and this can be one of its most amazing features. Infact the absence of sodium also makes it healthy to eat. Dietary fiber is also present in a large amount in this Israeli salad hence overall there is high amount of nutrition in it.