How Many Calories in Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies. Chocolate brownie is a kind of a dry cake which has been made by using chocolate flavor and is enjoyed as a dessert. This brownie is sweet in flavor and is really easy to bake at home as well. Almost all cake shops make chocolate brownies and hence there are many different versions of this cake.  The number of calories present in a chocolate brownie may depend upon the amount of sugar used, chocolate used and the quantity of the other ingredients used. The following given information will be useful for you if you want to know about the nutritional aspects of chocolate brownie.

Calories in Chocolate Brownies

Leaf Cuisine is a famous company that makes chocolate brownie. 2 oz of chocolate brownie made by this company contains 260 calories out of which 28% come from total fat, 25% come from saturated fat, 2% come from sodium, 8% come from total carbohydrates and 20% comes from dietary fiber. On the scale of nutritional value, Leaf Cuisine chocolate brownie is placed at C- grade. The low amount of sodium is a good point about this particular brownie.

Gnu Foods is another brand which manufactures delicious chocolate brownie. 1 bar weighing 45 grams of this brownie contains 140 calories in total and has been given a B+ nutrition grade.6% of these calories are contributed by total fat, 5% are contributed by saturated fat, 1% comes from sodium, 10% comes from total carbohydrates and 48% come from dietary fiber content. Some good points about this chocolate brownie are that it has no cholesterol, it is low on the sodium content, it has high amount of dietary fiber content and there is a lot of iron present in it. One negative point is the presence of a large amount of sugar in this chocolate brownie. There is a little calcium present in it too.