How Many Calories in Green Peas

Green peas are one of the most used vegetables across the world and are used in so many dishes and recipes. Green peas are quite healthy to eat and can be cooked in many ways. Depending upon the way green peas are cooked, the amount of calories in them varies and so do the healthy benefits. If you are someone who is interested in finding out more about green peas, then you can go through the following given points and information

Calories in Green Peas

Green peas can be cooked, boiled and then drained to be used in different dishes. 1 cup of green peas that weigh about 160 grams contain 134 calories. Nutritional grade A has been given to green peas cooked in this way and that too without salt. The amount of dietary fiber in cooked green peas is 35% which is the most amazing thing about them. Some other positive points associated with cooked, boiled and drained green peas are that they have low cholesterol, low saturated fat, low sodium, high dietary fiber, high magnesium, high niacin, high phosphorus, high thiamin, high vitamin A, high vitamin C and high Vitamin B6. High sugar content is the only negative point about these green peas.

Some people also like to eat raw green peas, 1 cup of which contains 117 calories. This one cup weighs about 145 grams and has been allotted grade A as far as the nutritional content is concerned.  The amount of dietary fiber in raw green peas is 30%. The benefits of eating raw green peas is that they have high niacin, high magnesium, high vitamin C, low sodium, low cholesterol and very low saturated fat. The one negative thing associated with raw green peas is that it is high on the sugar content but this negative does not rule out the positive points.