How Many Calories in Cadbury Chocolate

Who doesn’t like to eat chocolate? Chocolates are available all over the world in so many different colours and flavors. Chocolates are very difficult to resist but have so many calories that a lot of people try and avoid their temptation but in vain! It is true that the calorie content in chocolates is high but they have a lot of health benefits as well. If you are someone who loves to eat chocolates and wants to know more about them, then the following given part of the article shall be really useful for you.

Cadbury is one of the most popular chocolate producing brands and manufactures many different types of chocolates in all shapes and sizes. But one of the most loved Cadbury products is Cadbury Gems.  1 packet which weighs 23 grams has got about 92 calories. Out of these calories, 5% comes from total fat while 5% comes from total carbohydrates. These chocolates are high on the sugar content.

Calories in Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury’s fruit and nut is another hot favourite chocolate of so many people. 10 blocks of this chocolate contains 200 calories and has been allotted D grade on the nutritional grade. 25% of these calories come from saturated fat, 15% comes from total fats and 8% from carbohydrates. The positive points associated with this chocolate are that it has low sodium and low cholesterol. But high saturated fat and sugar balance the positives to the negatives.

Cadbury’s roast almond chocolate is a very delicious chocolate which is relished by many children and adults as well.7 blocks of this chocolate has got 210 calories. The nutritional grade given to this chocolate is D which is due to the fact that there is a lot of saturated fat and very high amount of sugar in it. Low cholesterol content and very low sodium makes the negatives fade a little.