How Many Calories in An Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This statement alone is enough to emphasize on the importance of an apple in a person’s life. An apple is one of the healthiest fruits that we have and has several benefits associated with it. Apple is an extremely rich source of Vitamin C and can be consumed in many forms: raw, pudding form etc. do you know how many calories are present in an apple? If you are interested in finding out more about the health benefits of an apple and about its calorie count, then you can go through the following given article:

Calories in An Apple

A raw apple along with its skin is the healthiest form in which an apple can be eaten. A large apple has got 116 calories and has been given a grade A in terms of its nutritional value. Out of these calories, 21% is contributed by dietary fiber and 10% is contributed by total carbohydrates. The vitamin C content is an apple is about 17% whereas that of vitamin A is 2%. The remaining 2% comes from calcium and iron. The fact that a raw apple with skin is low on sodium, without any cholesterol and saturated fat, and high on dietary fiber makes it so healthy. The only negative part is that it is high on sugar.

Apple can also be eaten without its skin but yet in the raw form. 1 cup of a raw apple without skin contains 53 calories and has been given a nutritional grade A. Without the skin, the dietary fiber amount reduces to 6% and the total carbohydrate present is 5% infact vitamin C too only remains about 7%. But inspite of these points, the absence of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium makes a raw apple without skin very healthy and nutritious.