How many Calories in Grape Juice

Juices are great for you health and can be made out of almost all fruits and a few vegetables as well. Grape juice too is considered good for the health of a person as it has several health benefits. Grape juice can be extracted at home and can also be found at different restaurants or eateries as well. If you are someone who loves to have grape juice but aren’t aware of the number of calories it has then the following given part of this article would prove to be useful for you. Infact the given article will also provide you with other information about grape juice:

Meijer is a company that manufactures sealed grape juice.  1 fl. Oz of this grape juice has got 160 calories in it which also means that 224 grams of Meijer grape juice consists of 160 calories out of which 13% comes from the carbohydrates content in it and 1% is contributed by the sodium content. The low sodium content can be considered as really good points about this particular grape juice variant. The vitamin C content is also very high and that is another positive point about Meijer grape juice.

Calories in Grape Juice

Ocean Spray is a popular juice manufacturing company which is known for its tasty grape juice. 1 cup that weighs 243 grams of Ocean Spray grape juice consists of 170 calories. These 170 calories are present in this juice as a result of 14% carbohydrates and 1% sodium. Again the low quantity of sodium can be counted as a positive point about this particular grape juice.

President’s choice grape juice is a well known grape juice variant, 1 cup of which contains 160 calories and on the nutrition grade, it has been allotted B- grade. Low sodium ad high vitamin C can be considered the good points. But very high sugar is a negative.