How Many Calories in Fruit Shakes

Fruit shakes are drinks prepared by mixing fruits with milk. There are a variety of fruit shakes that can be prepared with use of variety of fruits such as banana shake, mango shake, strawberry shake, and blueberry shake etc. Besides fruits and milk there may also be use of ice cream, cream etc in the preparation of the shake. The calorie content in the shakes depend on the milk (toned, double toned etc.), the fruits and the other ingredients. Calorie count of a few fruit shakes as manufactured by a few companies is given here.

Calories in Fruit Shakes

The company Topz produces a varied number of fruit shakes. The strawberry fruit shake manufactured by this producer is graded C+. It has a calorie count of 160 calories per 12oz or 360.0 g. The fat content of 1.0g (1.0 g being saturated fat) contributes 9 calories to the total calories in the shake. The sodium content is 100mg and protein content is 1.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 37.0g of which 18.0g are sugars. The very high content of sugar in the shake serves as a negative while very high amounts of vitamin C serve as a positive point.

Nature’s Plus also produces a shake called the fruitein exotic red fruit shake. This shake is graded an A- and has a calorie count of 110 calories per serving; serving size being 1(1/5) oz or 34.0 g. The sodium content in the serving of the shake is 180mg and the protein content is 13.0 g. There is a total of 13.0 g of carbohydrates which are divided as 2.0g of dietary fibres and 9.0g of sugars. The shake is very high in sugar which is a bad nutritional point. The good points of the shake are that it is very high in calcium, very high in iron and are very high in the vitamins A and C.