How Many Calories in Raw Potato

The word potato has been found to come from a Spanish word patata. The starchy crop has become an integral part of the world’s cuisine since the time they were first discovered. There are about five thousand varieties of potatoes today, all over the world. A few varieties are Swedish potato, sweet potato, white baby potato etc. An account of the calorie/ nutritional analysis of this crop (a few of its varieties) are given here.

Calories in Raw Potato

The raw, fresh potatoes with skin provided by Kartoffelland are graded an A. One small potato i.e. about 170.0 g or 1-3/4” to 2-1/2” diameter has a calorie count of 131 calories. The fat content is 0.2g (0.1 g being from polyunsaturated fat) which contributes c1 calories. The sodium content is specified to be 10mg, protein content to be 3.4g and the total carbohydrates are 29.7 g. Of the total carbohydrates 3.7 g is dietary fibres and 1.3 g is sugars. The potatoes are very low in saturated fat, have no cholesterol and are very low in sodium. They are high in dietary fibres, potassium and vitamin B6. Also they are very high in vitamin C. All these make for the good points about the raw potatoes.

Whole food market provides raw potatoes which are graded A, and have a total calorie count of a 100 calories. One medium potato i.e. 148.0 g has a total of 26.0 g of carbohydrates, of these 3.0 g are dietary fibres and 3.0 g are sugars. The protein content in the potatoes is 4.0 g. The positive points of the potatoes are that they are high in dietary fibres and are very high in potassium and vitamin C.

The Han’s sweet potatoes have a calorie count of 24 calories per 1 0z/ 28.0 g. The total carbohydrates in the potatoes are 5.9g of which 0.6 g is dietary fibres. The protein content is 0.3g.