How Many Calories in Fish Soup

Fish soup is a kind of a soup which is made by using fish. Fish soup can be of many different types depending upon the variety of fish used and the quantity and type of the other ingredients used along with fish. There are many companies which sell canned fish soup and many restaurants which serve varieties of fish soups. Fish soup is a great appetizer and can be prepared at home as well. You can refer to the following given information to find out the calorie content in fish soup.

Calories in Fish Soup

Vifon is a company which makes packaged fish soup. This soup is called rice vermicelli with sour fish soup. 1 bowl of this soup is about 80 grams in weight and 249 in calories. out of these 249 calories, 8% of the calories come from total fat, 5% of them come from saturated fat, 1% comes from cholesterol content, 66% come from sodium content, and 15% are contributed by total carbohydrates whereas 4% come from dietary fiber. D+ is the grade of nutrition which has been given to this particular soup. The low amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in this soup makes it healthy to eat but the high amount of sodium is a negative point.

Grace is a company which manufactures fish flavored soup mix. 1 tablespoon of this mix contains a total of 35 calories of which 26% are there due to the presence of sodium whereas 2% are contributed by total carbohydrates. As far as the nutritional grade is concerned, this soup has been tagged at C grade. Some good points about Grace fish flavored soup mix are that it contains no amount of saturated fat, is devoid of any cholesterol content and is very high of the vitamin A content. But on the other hand, high sodium quantity makes it slightly unhealthy.