How many Calories in Dried Papaya

Dried papaya is a dried form of papaya which can be eaten as a snack item. Dried papaya is delicious snack which is easily available in the market and is manufactured by a lot of companies. Do you know how many calories are present in dried papaya chips? Or are you aware of the various good points about eating dried papaya? If you do not know the answers to these questions and are interested in knowing more about dried papaya, then please refer to the following given part of this article:

Calories in Dried Papaya

Amport Foods is a very well known company that manufactures many different dried fruits and other fruit and vegetable related products. 5 pieces of dried papaya sold by Amport Foods contain 140 calories or this can be understood as 40 grams of dried papaya contains 140 calories out of which 12% come from the amount of the total carbohydrates present, 4% come from the sodium content whereas 4% also comes from dietary fiber content. These dried papaya pieces are really high on the sugar content and this is the reason why Amport Foods dried papaya gets C+ grade on the nutrition scale.

Aurora is another company which produces dried papaya chunks. 1 ½ oz which is equivalent to 43 grams of dried papaya from this company contains about 140 calories. Out of this calorie content, 12% comes from total carbohydrates, 4% comes from sodium and another 4% comes from dietary fiber. A C- nutrition grade has been given to Aurora dried papaya. The fact that these dried papaya have a lot of sugar in them makes them slightly unhealthy and this is the reason for the low nutrition grade. But the good points about this snack item are that they have no saturated fat and are also devoid of any cholesterol.