How Many Calories in Vanilla Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice creams? All those who have ever had an ice cream must have definitely tasted the vanilla flavored ice cream. Vanilla is the most commonly available and eaten ice cream flavor and is used to make many desert recipes etc as well. Do you ever wonder how many calories are present in a vanilla ice cream scoop? If not and you wish to find out the calories you consume next time you eat vanilla ice cream, then please read the following given part of the article:

Calories in Vanilla Ice Cream

Breyers is a very popular ice cream producing company which makes yummy vanilla ice cream. 1 serving of this particular ice cream sold by Breyers contains 130 calories.  Out of the 130 calorie amount, 11% are contributed by total fat, 20% are contributed by saturated fat, 7% comes from cholesterol, 1% comes from sodium and 5% comes from carbohydrates. The fact that this ice cream contains very little sodium can be counted as a very good point about it but high amount of saturated fat and large percentage of sugar are the two points which make Breyers vanilla ice cream unhealthy to eat. The nutrition grade given to this ice cream is D.

Haagen- Dazs is a very famous company known to sell many delicious flavors of ice creams.  One flavor that Haagen-Dazs is specialized in producing is the vanilla flavored ice cream.1/2 cup that weighs about 106 grams of this ice cream contains 270 calories and the nutrition grade where it stands is C+. Out of the 270 calories, 28% comes from total fat, 55% comes from saturated fat, 40% comes from cholesterol, 3% comes from sodium and 7% comes from total carbohydrates. The high sugar, cholesterol and saturated fat amounts make this ice cream extremely unhealthy in nature.