How Many Calories in Cranberry Salad

Cranberry salad is a very tasty salad that is mainly prepared from cranberry. Many restaurants and eateries prepare delicious cranberry salad with different variations. Cranberry salad can also be made at home by following a very simple recipe. Cranberry salad may be made in different ways by using many different ingredients.  Are you aware of the number of calories that are present in cranberry salad? Do you know about the health benefits of cranberry salad? If not and you are interested in finding out then please refer to the following given information about cranberry salad:

Calories in Cranberry Salad

Pizza Pizza is a famous company that makes yummy cranberry salad sensation and that too with dressing. 1 serving which weighs 348 grams contains 500 calories out of which 35% are contributed by total fat, 20% are contributed by saturated fat, 26% come from sodium and 21% are contributed by total carbohydrates. The high amount of saturated fat and the large portion of sodium may not be very good points about this particular cranberry salad from Pizza Pizza.

Giant is a company that is known to prepare tasty chicken cranberry walnut salad. 1 serving of this salad has got 290 calories in it and as far as the nutrition grade is concerned, this salad has been allotted C grade. Out of the 290 calories, 25% calories come from total fat, 25% calories come from saturated fat, 10% calories come from cholesterol, 29% calories come from sodium, 8% calories are present as a result of total carbohydrates and 8% come from the dietary fiber content. There is a lot of vitamin A in Giant chicken cranberry walnut salad and this is a very good point about it. But at the same time the sugar content in this salad too is pretty high and this is a negative point.