How Many Calories in Almond Pastry

Almond pastry is a type of a pastry that has been made up from almonds. An almond pastry is quite tasty to eat but may not be such a popular pastry type. If you are someone who loves eating almond pastry then it is important for you to know how many calories an almond pastry contains. You should also be aware of the various good points and bad points about eating almond pastries. You can find all this information in the following given part of the article:

Calories in Almond Pastry

Au Bon pain is a famous company that makes almond artisan pastry. 4 1/10 oz which is equivalent to 117 grams of this pastry contains 464 calories of which 70% comes from saturated fats, 46% comes from total fats, 42% comes from cholesterol, 14% comes from carbohydrates, 8% comes from dietary fiber and 6% comes from sodium. On the scale of nutrition, an almond artisan pastry from Au Bon Pain has been given D+ grade. The good points about this pastry are that it has low amount of sodium present in it whereas the negative part is the high amount of saturated fat.

JCQ is a company that makes almond filled pastry rings, 48 grams of which contains somewhere about 210 calories and a D- nutrition grade has been given to this pastry. Out of the 210 calories, 42% comes from saturated fat, 18% comes from total fat, 8% comes from cholesterol, 7% comes from total carbohydrates and 4% is contributed by sodium. The low quantity of sodium is a good point about JCQ almond filled pastry rings but the fact that this pastry has high amount of saturated fats and large content of sugar makes it slightly unhealthy for those who are trying to lose weight and do not want to consume the extra calories.