How Many Calories in Chilli Paneer

Chilli paneer is an Indian dish which is made by using cottage cheese and other ingredients such as green capsicum, chillies and gravy made of onions, spices, vinegar, soya sauce etc. Chilli Paneer is spicy in nature and is served as a starter or side dish in Indian restaurants. It takes a very simple recipe to make this dish at home and can be made by following different methods or ways. The number of calories present in chilli paneer may be dependent upon the amount of cottage cheese used and the quantity of the other used ingredients. The following given information shall tell you more about the nutritional value and caloric content of chilli paneer.

Calories in Chilli Paneer

1 serving of chill paneer can be accounted for about 230 grams and this much quantity contains 161 calories in total. Out of these calories, 20 grams come from total fat, 18 grams come from total carbohydrates, and 4 grams come from the protein in the cottage cheese. This means that 51.1% of the calories are contributed by fats, 40.9% of the calories are contributed by carbohydrates and 8% of the calories are contributed by protein.

Chilli paneer goes well with rice and 2 cups of this dish contains 450 calories. Out of these 450 calories, 46% come from the amount of total fats present, 10% of the calories come from total carbohydrates and 100% protein too is present in this particular dish. The high amount of protein is a really good thing about this chilli paneer dish.

Chilli paneer can also be made by following a Chinese way of preparation. 100 grams of this Chinese paneer chilli contains about 302 calories. This dish is high on the sodium content and this is a negative point about it but the high amount of protein and calcium makes this a good dish to eat.