How Many Calories in Broiled Salmon

Broiled salmon is a juicy and tangy dish which is made by broiling salmon and using materials like rosemary, salmon, olive oil, pepper, garlic, salt and lemon juice. Broiled salmon can be made in a lot of different ways and methods and the ingredients used to make this dish may also vary from person to person. Broiled salmon is available at a lot of restaurants and can be made at home as well. If you wish to know about the number of calories in broiled salmon and the nutritional value of it then please read the following given information:

Calories in Broiled Salmon

Mon Cuisine is a company which sells broiled fillet of salmon in a packaged form. 1 package of this dish weighs about 340 grams in total and contains about 360 calories. As far as the nutritional value of this dish is concerned, a nutrition grade of B- is given. Of the 360 calories, 14% of the calories come from total fat content present in this dish, 10% come from saturated fat present, 25% come from cholesterol, 15% come from sodium, 13% is contributed by total carbohydrates and 24% comes from dietary fiber content present. There is a lot of vitamin A present in this broiled salmon and this is one of its good points. But the fact that sugar present is also large makes for a negative point of this dish.

Red Lobster is another company which manufactures delicious broiled salmon. 1 serving of this dish contains about 270 calories in total and out of these calories, 14% come from total fat, 10% come from saturated fat, 13% come from sodium and 2% come from total carbohydrates. There is generous amount of sodium present in broiled salmon sold by Red Lobster and this can be counted as one of its negative points.