How Many Calories in a Cup of Amaranth

Amaranth is a kind of a cereal which can be converted into edible flour that is used to make certain food items. Amaranth is manufactured by many companies and is available easily in the market. If you are fond of eating food items made up of amaranth, then you should also be aware of the number of calories that are present in a cup of amaranth. You might also be interested in finding out the health benefits associated with amaranth. Please go through the following given information about amaranth for your reference:

Calories in a Cup of Amaranth

1 cup of amaranth weighs 195 grams and contains 729 calories. Out of the 729 calories, 20% are contributed by the total fat content, 16% are contributed by the saturated fat content, 2% come from sodium, 43% come from total carbohydrates and 73% come from dietary fiber content. Some of the good points associated with 1 cup of amaranth are that they are low on saturated fat content, they have no cholesterol, they have very little quantity of sodium, they have low sugar, the content of manganese is high, the magnesium quantity is high and there is a lot of phosphorus present as well. Because of all these positive points, the nutrition grade given to amaranth is A.

Arrowhead Mills is a famous brand known for making amaranth. ΒΌ cup of amaranth weighs 47 grams and contains 180 calories. Out of these 180 calories, 5% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 10% come from carbohydrates and 28% come from dietary fiber content. Some of the good points associated with Arrowhead Mills amaranth are that it has very little amount of sodium in it, the sugar content is low in it, there is a lot of dietary fiber in it and the amount of iron is high in it.