How Many Calories in Fresh Watermelon Juice

An age old method to beat the summer heat is either to eat watermelon or drink fresh watermelon juice. But it not only cools the body, but also protects the body from the damage that are caused by the severe rays of the summer sun. It helps the body to keep several diseases at bay and minimizes the risk to strokes. Being a water based fruit fresh watermelon juice replenishes the moisture in the skin and also hydrates the kidney. However, these benefits make more sense if you know the nutritional value of the juice.

 Fresh Watermelon Juice

One bottle of fresh watermelon juice from Fresh and Easy has 80 calories and only 20 gm of carbohydrates. This is mainly because of the slight sugar content added to the bottled juice.

A bottle of the same juice from Juicy juice contains 120 calories and 20 mg of Sodium. There is also a certain amount of sugar that is added to the juice.

There are 100 calories in a bottle of juice from Arizona and just 10 mg of Sodium. Some of these varieties are available as a combination of two fruits. Normally the fruit juices mixed with fresh watermelon juice are berry, strawberry, kiwi, and blueberry.

But what is best is that none of these juices have any fat content in them making it a perfectly healthy option to drink. There is some amount of vitamin C in these juices and a little bit of iron. But you will not find any calcium or Vitamin A or B in these juices. Due to its health benefit, some people do not mind mixing it with slight alcoholic beverages to make a tasty cocktail out of it. They are also quite common on the breakfast tables, pool parties and as drinks after a swim on hot summer days. The juice is a great way to intake healthy fruits.