How Many Calories in Arugula Salad

An arugula salad is a kind of a salad which is not tossed but is shaken and contains cherry tomatoes, arugula leaves, pine nuts, vinegar, black pepper, salt, avocado, parmesan cheese etc. many companies prepare arugula salad and sell them in grocery shops and restaurants. This salad can also be easily made at home and tastes delicious. Infact it is also quite healthy and nutritious. If you love eating arugula salad and are interested in finding out the number of calories present in it then the following given information will be really helpful for you:

Calories in Arugula Salad

Earthbound Farms is a company which sells baby arugula salad in a plastic box, 2 cups of which contains about 20 calories. this means that 142 grams of baby arugula salad prepared by Earthbound farms contains 20 calories only and out of these calories, 4% have been contributed by the content of dietary fiber. 1% of these calories come from sodium and total carbohydrates each. Since this salad is so good for the health, it has been given A nutrition grade. There is a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A present in arugula salad made by Earthbound farms and this is a really good thing about it. The other good points include no saturated fat, no cholesterol, high calcium content, high dietary fiber and high iron. The negative points about this salad are that it has got a lot of sugar in it.

Romano’s macaroni grill is another company which prepares steak and arugula salad. 1 serving of this salad contains 890 calories of which 109% comes from total fat, 90% comes from saturated fat, 137% comes from sodium, 4% comes from total carbohydrates and 16% is contributed by dietary fiber content. The high sodium and saturated fat content is a hugely negative point about this salad.