How Many Calories in Vanilla Cone

A vanilla cone is a cone which is filled with vanilla ice cream. There are many food outlets or snack food outlets that sell vanilla cones. A vanilla cone can also be easily made at home by using vanilla ice cream, a cone and a scooper. Do you know how many calories are present in a vanilla cone? If not and you wish to find out the number of calories you consume when you eat a vanilla cone then the following given information will be really helpful for you:

Calories in Vanilla Cone

Dairy queen is a famous company which makes yummy ice creams and serves them in cones. Vanilla ice cream cone is one such item which this brand sells. 1 small cone of vanilla ice cream sold by this company weighs 142 grams and contains about 230 calories. Out of these 230 calories, 11% of the calories come from total fat, 22% of the calories come from saturated fat, 7% of the calories come from cholesterol, 5% of the calories come from sodium and 13% of the calories also come from total carbohydrates. In terms of nutrition this ice cream cone has been tagged at grade C. the fact that this ice cream cone contains low sodium content makes it really healthy but on the other hand very high sugar is a negative point.

Sonic is also a brand which sells vanilla cones. 1 cone with ice cream weighing 133 grams contains 180 calories out of which 9% come from total fat, 20% come from saturated fat, 8% come from cholesterol, and 3% come from sodium whereas 10% come from total carbohydrates. The nutrition grade on which this ice cream cone is tagged at is C-. The low sodium content in this vanilla ice cream cone can be considered as a good point about it.