How Many Calories in Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are a species of the mustard plant which is added to several dishes and salads to give them a good flavor. Mustard greens are also known as Indian mustard or Chinese mustard and can be found easily at many vegetable shops.  This is a popular winter vegetable which is high on vitamin C and has many other nutrients which make it good for the health. If you are interested in knowing how many calories are there in mustard greens, then the following given information will prove to be useful for you:

Calories in Mustard Greens

Mustard greens which are cooked, boiled and drained with salt are quite commonly used and 1 cup of these mustard greens weigh 140 grams. This 1 cup of mustard greens contain about 21 calories out of which 1% come from total fat, 15% come from sodium, 1% come from total carbohydrates and 11% come from dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade given to these mustard greens is A. the good points about this vegetable are plenty and some of them include the fact that they are very low on the saturated fat content, they have no cholesterol content in them, the amount of sugar present in them is really low, the amount of calcium is pretty high and dietary fiber too takes up a large percentage.

The other positive things about these mustard greens are that they have high iron, large amount of manganese, large percentage of magnesium, lots of niacin and phosphorus, high amount of thiamin, high vitamin A, high vitamin C, high vitamin B6, high potassium and high riboflavin. But the only negative thing about mustard greens which have been boiled, drained and cooked with salt is the fact that there is a lot of sodium present in it. But the many benefits seem to subdue this negative point.