How Many Calories in Vanilla Cake

Cake is a dessert prepared by a combination of the main ingredients flour, sugar, eggs and butter/ oil. The dessert is sweet, baked, bread like food item. When the cake is flavoured by vanilla essence or any other source of vanilla flavouring, it is called a vanilla cake. There are a variety of cakes besides vanilla cake such as chocolate cake, chocolate truffle cake, cheese cake etc. The calorie count of a cake may differ from another depending on ingredients used.

Calories in Vanilla Cake

One serving i.e. 65.0g of Green’s Traditional vanilla cake has a calorie count of 239 calories in total. The 88 calories come from the 9.8g of fat content in each serving. Of this 9.8g, about 2.6g is saturated fat. The sodium content in the cake is 300mg and the protein content is 2.7g. The carbohydrates are 34.8g of which 23.8g is sugars.

McCain Canada produces a vanilla cake called Delite Vanilla Cake. The cake has calorie count of 230 calories per serving (i.e. 71.0 g). The calories from fat are 81, fat content is 9.0 g. This fat content is sub-divided as 6.0g saturated fat and 0.2g trans fat. The cholesterol, the sodium and protein content in the cake is 20mg, 330mg and 2.0g respectively. The total carbohydrates are 37.0g with 1.0g dietary fibres and 24.0g sugars. The high amounts of saturated fat and sugar are bad points about the cake.

The manufacturer by name Pamela’s Product produces a Classic Vanilla cake mix. This mix is graded D+ and has a count of 150 calories per 49.6g of dry mix. The fat content (thus saturated fat) and the cholesterol content in the mix equal zero which is good. The sodium content is 440mg with protein content also being zero. The total carbohydrates are 37.0g of which 1.0g is dietary fibres and 20.0 g are sugars. Bad point is high sodium and sugar content.