How many Calories in a Slice of Pizza

A pizza is one of the most popular and common dishes eaten all over the world. It is available in various sizes, forms, with various toppings and with cheese or without cheese. You can also request for extra cheese in a pizza. Thus, the amount of calories in any pizza depends on many factors including its size, toppings, ingredients, amount of cheese etc. A pizza, in general contains a lot of calories because of the cheese content in it. It is not a particularly healthy dish to have. It contains some fat and cholesterol content as well which is not good for heart patients.

Calories in a Slice of Pizza

Basically, a slice of pizza without any cheese contains a total of 148 calories and 3.96 grams of fat. The carbohydrate and protein content in the same is 24.42 grams and 3.39 grams respectively. This calorie content is the value contained in one slice of pizza of 12 inches. For pizzas, of bigger sizes, the calorie content gradually increases. The total amount of saturated fat is 0.883 grams, 0.75 grams of poly saturated fat and 2.061 grams of mono saturated fat. The fat content makes 6% of the 2000 calories per day. It contains zero cholesterol, if there is no cheese. A pizza with some cheese contains 200 calories along with some cholesterol. The sodium and potassium content in this pizza is said to be 201milligrams and 137 milligrams respectively. It also consists of 1.2 grams of dietary fibre and 1.5 grams of sugar.

A slice of pizza contains 0% Vitamin A, 5% of Vitamin C, 1% calcium and 10% of Iron. The nutrition content is high, but along with that comes a lot of unhealthy content like fats and cholesterol, which is unwanted in the human body. All the values above are for a 2000 calorie diet per day.